GPS Vehicle Tracking System

OPAL Solutions provides sim based Vehicle Tracking System wherein the movement and the location of a vehicle or a group of vehicles can be tracked and monitored. The device can be easily fitted into a car or a bike. Due to the very compact nature of the device the device can be concealed. Users will be provided with a login ID and password to our application with which the users will be able to view the location and generate various reports pertaining to a vehicle or group of vehicles.

OPAL Solutions is one of the leading Software Service providers to the Schools and Colleges.

With the help of latest technologies our web based software as a service product SHIKSHA assists the educational institutions to improve their productivity and help them better utilize their time and resources for the academic activities which is their core focus, by reducing repetitive tasks and management overhead in maintaining Administrative, Managerial and Academic data in traditional forms such as Paper based systems and Excel based System.

SHIKSHA is a ready to use, cloud hosted, Software as a Service platform with a comprehensive set of features that helps managers in establishing and running their educational institutions. Leveraging the latest technological breakthroughs of agile development, cloud based computing, security and scalability, SHIKSHA provides a reliable, scalable & proven solution at an affordable cost to libraries for building and managing their online presence. SHIKSHA has been built through several years of research in the educational field and every aspect of the platform has been designed from an management & users perspective through simplified interfaces. While the backend is smart, robust and technologically deep the management tools are simple, intuitive and user friendly.

Each and Every Solution that we provide for the educational institutions are customized and tailored for the organizations business needs. Our Administration and Management product SHIKSHA helps schools and colleges to manage their organizations administrative and academic data in an efficient way.

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