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Toll Plaza Emergency & Patrol Monitoring Solution

21 Oct , 2014,


With rapid advances in road connectivity, it is little surprise that India is the third largest road network in the world, next to US and China. Most highways are tolled lanes and process a large number of vehicle passages every day. Tolling booths are managed by local employees and for managers in a main branch, tracking booth activity, toll collection, toll booth maintenance logs, are a challenge. A well-rounded and cost-effective solution is the answer.

OPAL Solutions offers you its comprehensive Toll Plaza solution which can help you monitor tolling activities effectively. The solution offers the following features:
-Real-time information on vehicles passing through the tolling booth, 24×7
-Alerts in the event of incorrect tolling or missed tolling
-Reports on daily/weekly/monthly vehicle passages
-Alerts on types of vehicles passed: passenger vehicles, ambulance, patrolling vehicles, towing vehicles etc.
-Alerts and updates about median and tolling booth lawn maintenance

Modules In Logistics Transport Management Solutions

Oct , 2014,
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Our solution integrates easily with the existing ERP system in your organization, and has the following modules:

-Consignment Management: Manage your consignment and offer real-time visibility of the consignment to your customers.
-Booking Management: Handle your factory stuffing and de-stuffing movement, import and export bookings, loose cargo booking, project cargo booking, empty container, and vehicle movements effectively.
-Trip Management: This module consists of the multiple sub-trip management system, delivery challan, and bilty creation system. Trip costs and diesel usage are managed through automated systems with accurate reports.
-Workshop Management: Create job cards, issue materials through the inventory module, and manage the material lifecycle seamlessly and effortlessly.
-Billing Management: This feature allows you to generate invoices, manage expenses, and view profit and loss figures, both trip-wise as well as vehicle-wise.
-Fleet Monitoring: Manage your fleet effectively with this map-based, real-time monitoring system.
-Fleet Management: Create purchase orders faster, manage the material receivables, and manage the internal store.
-Statutory management: You can manage all your insurance, driving licenses and statutory-related documents on a single platform.
-Fuel Monitoring: Manage the mileage of your vehicles, generator sets; curb pilferage levels across your fleet.
-View reports such as activity summary, idle report, stop/ speed report, dispatch, trip, and expense reports.
-Get alerts on stoppage, over speed, route deviation, cross-border alerts, door movements (open/ close), and AC status.

Logistics Transportation Operations Management Solution

Oct , 2014,
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Building next-gen logistics, leveraging technology

Globally, large volumes of freight traffic have increased the thrust on the supply chain; it is important now more than ever to improve its efficiency. The Emerging Market Survey, 2011, conducted by Transport Intelligence highlights India’s attractiveness as a strong growth area for logistics in the future. But several problems impede the growth of this sector to the desired optimum; inefficiencies in transportation, complex tax structure, and inadequate storage infrastructure, are among them. A comprehensive, tailored, logistics management solution offering various solution components can address these challenges and help transportation companies, such as yours, manage your logistics, both inbound and outbound, far better.

OPAL Solutions, in a bid to help the transportation industry, has designed a comprehensive, cloud-based, future-ready solution to monitor, track, and measure, various functions of a transportation company.

Employee Transport Operations Management Solution

Oct , 2014,
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Ensure your employees reach work safely

Working round the clock, in shifts, is today a way of life, especially in the ITES, BPO and KPO organizations. Although as an employer you extend transport facilities to the employee, your responsibility doesn’t end there. It is as important to ensure that the transport system is effective, well-used, and secure for your employees.

OPAL Solutions offers you its Employee Transport Solution which is designed to help you monitor, track, and improve, streamline, and secure your employee transport services. The solution offers the following features:
-Real time information on vehicle location, driver on board, passengers etc.
-24×7 monitoring of the vehicle, route and distance traveled
-Alerts during arrival and departure, emergency, rash driving, over speed, driver misbehavior, stop violation etc.
-Vehicle scheduling
-Accurate reports on mileage analysis, costs, ROI, etc.
-Vendor coordination and management

Access to this wealth of information on your transport you can help improve the overall performance of your transport system and realize the following business benefits.
-Improved safety of employees, especially women passengers
-Greater employee comfort
-Improved Expected Time of Arrival (ETA) efficiency
-Improved driver performance and productivity
-Effective vendor management

Can reports be exported and emailed?

20 Oct , 2014,
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Yes. Reports can be exported to Excel, PDF, and emailed at your preferred scheduled time.

Does your tracking system run in real time?

Oct , 2014,
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Yes. Vehicles equipped with OPAL Solutions GPS tracking system can report on location and engine performance as often as every 15 seconds.

Isn’t GPS fleet management just for big companies with large vehicle fleets?

18 Oct , 2014,
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Not at all! OPAL Solutions helps companies with as few as one or two vehicles, and companies with hundreds of vehicles. No matter how big or small, your fleet will get the OPAL Solutions personalized service and access to best practices learned from over years helping businesses like yours.

Aren’t all of these GPS fleet management systems the same?

Oct , 2014,
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Definitely not! Because of our partnerships with the industry’s leading manufacturers and technology providers, OPAL Solutions is able to configure a system that is tailored specifically to your goals and business requirements. There are dozens of possibilities, and every account is set up to meet your needs.

How do I get real-time information from this device?

17 Oct , 2014,
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All you have to do is login to our dedicated online portal using the Internet browser from any PC or mobile phone with your ID and password. The dashboard displays the location on a digital map and all the other necessary information.

My map screen shows where the device was yesterday. Today it’s in a completely different place, but the map still shows the old location. Are the satellites down?

16 Oct , 2014,
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The issue is that the device has not transmitted its location to the server since the last location shown on the map.

(A) the device does not have power
(B) it doesn’t have a view of the sky (and therefore cannot calculate its location), or
(C) the device is in an area with no wireless data service, and therefore cannot transmit its location.

We recommend a physical inspection of the device.