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Transport Solutions

11 Nov , 2014,
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With transportation companies finding it increasingly difficult to manage the transportation of individual shipments in the auto industry and manual entries becoming time consuming and prone to erroneous decisions and clarity less working environment. OPAL Solutions automobile transport solutions [software], becomes the ultimate choice among TMS ERP solutions. Our Auto transport solutions offers a fully integrated solution that simplifies the process, offers real time tracking, facilitates invoicing, reporting, aids in fuel management, route management, reduces process costs and saves time

Auto Transport Broker Software From OPAL Solutions

Operational logistics may vary across different auto transportation companies and it is here that car carrier software solutions from OPAL Solutions take the upper hand. Our Auto transport solutions helps to manage an auto shipment individually offering an end to end management solution. Developed on the basis of in-depth industry knowledge and expertise in the transportation industry, OPAL Solutions covers all the facets of the automobile transportation industry from budgeting to billing.

Transportation and Logistics Management

10 Nov , 2014,
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Studies show that a best-of-breed warehouse and transportation management system can deliver powerful results and increase perfect orders. OPAL Solutions enables you to capitalize on these capabilities to reduce costs and increase profitability. You can leverage real-time information to gain insights into your global supply chain and logistics management capabilities. You’ll gain visibility across all orders, shipments, and global inventories. You’ll be able to collaborate effectively with customers, suppliers and transportation providers to increase efficiency, accuracy and on-time deliveries. As a result, you can improve customer service and grow margins.

Using OPAL Solutions Transportation and Logistics management solutions you can systematically balance supply chain logistics management and strategies with customer required policies. Carrier effectiveness and improved inventory management capabilities will enable you to increase perfect orders. Together, OPAL Solutions transportation and logistics management solutions enable you to:

Increase perfect orders, Raise inventory accuracy up to 99.8%, Increase picking and shipping accuracy up to 99.99%, Reduce transportation costs up to 30% for inbound, outbound and inter-facility moves, Realize up to 80% increases in transportation operational efficiencies, Improve customer service, Increase profitability.

GPS Tracking with Camera and RFID

6 Nov , 2014,
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User Requirements:

  • —Two way communication between control room and the Fleet in field, to give directions.
  • —Monitor and control the use of company vehicles (speed, driving trends, work time, etc…)
  • —Monitor and control fuel expenses by limiting the work of vehicles in company business.
  • —Monitor and adjust the maintenance program of equipment and vehicles.
  • —To locate the vehicles and facilitate access to them in case of emergency.
  • —Protect vehicles from theft.
  • —Adjust the cost of transport through the analysis of driving trends of the drivers . (compared with trip time and distance traveled)
  • —Alerts in emergency conditions (Panic Button).
  • —Capture images inside the vehicle frequently and send it to centralized server.
  • —In and out time of employees from the vehicle.
  • Optional fuel level sensor

Operational Process:

  • —A Panic button will be placed near the employee to inform the administrator in case of any emergency.
  • —Emergency alerts from the vehicle by pushing on a button.
  • —Switch off the engine remotely through cellular text message, incase of emergency.
  • —Vehicle can be remotely immobilized
  • —Calls between control room and drivers.
  • —Voice calls on the vehicle can be activated using GPS IO port, which helps the passenger in the vehicle to respond in any emergencies.
  • —Every Employee and driver will be provided with an RFID Member Card that will carry their employee id.
  • —Each vehicle will carry a GPS with Image Capture Camera with 2G connectivity.
  • —Camera will be used to capture the image of passenger and driver as well on pre-defined interval
  • —An RFID reader will be deployed at each vehicle that will register the boarding and de-boarding time and place of the employee.

Boarding Process:

  • —Driver will authenticate himself using his smart card
  • —While boarding on the cab, employee will show their RFID card to the RFID reader
  • —The reader will capture the employee identification along with the boarding location and time and will save the information to the central server.

In Transit:

  • —The GPS unit will continuously send information to the central server regarding the speed, time, area, distance, route etc. of the vehicle
  • —Time to time captured image of driver and passenger will be sent to the central server.
  • —Employee can use the panic button in case of any emergency in order to inform the authorities and accordingly necessary steps can be taken, which can be pre-customized and shown to the office on duty
  • —Optionally, vehicle can be remotely immobilized or audio / visual alerts on the vehicle can activated using GPS IO port.

De-Boarding Process:

  • —While de-boarding from the cab, employee will show their RFID card to the RFID reader.
  • —The reader will capture the employee identification along with the de-boarding location and time and will save the information to the central server.


4 Nov , 2014,
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     Route planning saves districts money and time by introducing efficiencies that help students get to school quickly and ready to learn. OPAL Solutions – Our in-house knowledge experts with the most collective years of experience in the industry – can optimize your routing system and elements such as maps, boundaries, stops and routes. From efficiency analysis and system design to start-up and daily operations, our expertise helps reduce your costs and improve your fleet’s performance.


First Planning Solutions provides routing and scheduling solutions for the challenges you face every day.  By analyzing your transportation needs and desires, we combine the right technology and the right resources to produce the outcome you and your community expect.  From efficiency analysis and system design to start-up and daily operations, our expertise will help reduce your costs and improve your fleet’s performance.

New Systems: School districts often have a small window of time and limited resources to rollover students and prepare routes for the new school year. We can help you set up and operate your new routing system in such a way that it fully integrates with your current transportation operation.

System Assessment: We provide a comprehensive assessment of your current routing operations, including systems, people, and processes.

On-going User Support: We provide the expertise and experience to prepare routes and student data for the school year. In addition, we operate a Help Desk staffed by experienced technicians who troubleshoot technical issues with these programs.

Online/Webinar User Training: We provide in-depth training and Help Desk support for all of the leading routing systems.

Green Initiatives: The development of an efficient routing program lends itself not only to cost effective techniques but also reduces greenhouse emissions, excess idling, and fuel consumption.

Employee Transportation Solution (ETS)

3 Nov , 2014,
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The solution features include:

Women Safety

We empower the transport team to enhance the safety of female travellers during transit, the system enables the transport team to plan routes that avoid female passengers as first or last pick or drop. The system provides tracking of female employees at all times, whether accompanied (male companion or escort) or not. The system will also let you know whether escort signed in along with the employees.

The system also provides audio-visual alerts on the transport desk in following cases

  • Any unscheduled stop of the vehicle
  • Drop off of the employees at locations other than their home location
  • Delay in employee home drop off especially at night
  • Over speeding by the vehicles

Route Optimization

  • Constraints such as no women first pickup or last drop for odd hour shifts.
  • Cab Allocation suggests best possible cabs for a route. This is determined by the cab nearest to the first pickup and the cab’s utilization in that billing period. So a cab which is under-utilized will be preferred over an over-utilized cab.

Tracking & Delay Prediction

  • Live Vehicle Tracking : System does not solely depend on GPRS (average GPRS coverage is around 80%). Hence the system uses SMS as backup channel for priority messaging.
  • Proximity SMS Alert when the cab is 2 km from employee’s home.
  • Delay Prediction Engine : Similar to the airline delay prediction concept, depending on the cab’s present location our system calculates the ETA (estimated time of arrival). If the difference between ETA and pre-defined allocated time exceeds 15 mins an expected delay alert is raised. The alert is displayed on the transport console. This alert is also sent to the employee based on system configuration.

Data Analytics

All possible data is available, instantly! These are some of the reports which help the transport team optimize the operations, however the data can be used to generate custom reports.

  • On Time Arrival Report.
  • Employee No Show Reports.
  • Vehicle Utilization Report.
  • Custom Report: Show the Top 10% Drivers considering their on time arrival records, leaves, rash driving.

Employee Transportation Solution (ETS) Key Benifits:

  • For organizations in IT, BPO and Airlines sectors which provide pickup and drop services for their employees.
  • To ensure the safety of women employees traveling at odd hours we develop a safe travel corridor, which is based on data of her past travel routes and traffic stops.
  • Organizations reduce cost and improve employee satisfaction.