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Why SHIKSHA – The Educational ERP

31 Dec , 2014,
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With technology finding its way to Edu-World, it has become imperative for educational institutions to use latest inventions and stay competitive. Better school administration and management necessitates versatile use of web. This laid foundation stone for the concept of School Management Software-SHIKSHA

SHIKSHA is an inclusive school management/school administration software that is designed with a sole intention of supporting schools in effectively managing their school related operations and activities. It is a result of years of research on reducing the management efforts and maximizing efficiency of school management systems. When technology meets innovation- it is SHIKSHA. With the bunch of exceptional features it has, SHIKSHA has changed the way a school works and administers its day-to-day operations. In simple words, it has simplified the management efforts and emerged as a smart solution for schools.

For Management:


“Simplifying Management Efforts”

SHIKSHA software works as a personal assistant to school management and streamlines every administration activity at schools. It offers a convenient way to interact or communicate with your school community or others who are directly or indirectly a part of your school. It is an effective tool which can help you in managing information in the best way.

Highlights of Management Module

  • Student Management
  • Time table
  • Academic
  • Notes & assignments
  • Examinations
  • Fee management
  • Library management
  • Account management
  • Pay roll
  • Transport
  • Hostel
  • Staff/ faculty management

It can help you turn down the costs and can help you in getting information about anything as and when you require.

SHIKSHA is designed and developed with high focus on administration processes. This software can truly simplify all tasks related to the management and supports you bringing expected results. Get reports on anything (contextual information related to students or teachers or other staff members) and make smarter decisions.

For Parents:


“A complete solution to track your children performance”

SHIKSHA software facilitates the parents to know everything about their children. It perfectly improves communication between teachers and the management. “Parent Module” is crafted with strong emphasis on what parents can expect or what they look for. Parents who didn’t have time to visit school and check their children’s studies, but still concerned about their child performance would always love to do all these online.

SHIKSHA has a separate account maintained for parents. Logging into their account, parents can view reports on attendance of their child, performance at studies or in co-curricular activities etc. They can take a look at the timetable, schedule of the week, reports on tests, exams etc.

In short, this module work as a bridge between parents and the school. Parents can always be in touch with teachers too. Some of the benefits of SHIKSHA for parents are:

  • Continual communication with teachers
  • Active participation in school activities
  • Real-time update on children’s attendance, fee payment and progress report
  • Checking of homework given to the child by teachers
  • Early intimation about the school holidays and events
  • Systematic and instant school updates from discussion forums, articles, messaging system and image gallery

SHIKSHA system assists parents to get every minute detail of their child from anywhere. In addition, parents can receive updates on school events, holidays, parent meeting and soon, this making it easier for them to stay connected with the teachers or the school authorities easily and effectively.

For Teachers:


“Maximizing teacher performance”

Pressure to get good grades in school is not only the concern for students but also for teachers. To make the students perform better, teachers attempt every possible way and practices. Teachers work hard to identify best practices to support struggling students and to bring our more from best performing students. They constantly need to collect huge loads of operational data, reports submitted by students, communicate and collaborate with parents, faculty, students and school management.

SHIKSHA software gives a secure access to the teachers for powerful tools which help them to schedule and teach classes better, capture key operational data, communicate and collaborate well and submit reports to the school management.

SHIKSHA software offers a range of benefits to teachers as well:-

  • Computerized student attendance management
  • Online marks and grades estimation
  • Online timetable creation
  • Assigning homework to the students and submissions
  • Able to allocate more time for students
  • Effective communication with the parents
  • Access to common forum for parents and teachers
  • Better management of school operations
  • Access to own as well as students attendance

Teachers can log into their account and get the most updated reports on students’ attendance, their performance etc. They can get in touch with the parents too. It helps teachers in reducing their workload. They can get real-time visibility in data related to each and every student they teach. It allows teachers to be ready with future plans for the students too.

For Students:


“Empowering students with SHIKSHA”

To succeed in academics, students need to keep track of schedules and manage assignments, course plans, due dates, tests as well as course content that are allocated to them for all courses. The report cards help students to understand how efficiently they managed workload and given tests, but more often delay problem addressing process.

SHIKSHA software enables students to proactively check all their assignments, due dates, class notes and school events. In addition, it allows them to constantly monitor their educational performance so that they need not to wait till they achieve a poor grade on the report card.

Students are the ones who get most out of SHIKSHA- the school management system. Few of the key advantages includes:-

  • Improved communication with peers, teachers and parents
  • Submission of homework online
  • Access to timetable, grades, attendance, marks and examination schedule
  • Freedom to post articles and views & take part in discussion forums
  • Liberty to browse any library books and find the issued books
  • Information on the holidays and school’s upcoming events in advance
  • Monitor and track self-progress
  • A collaborative tool between student and teacher

Solution Development

18 Dec , 2014,
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OPAL Solutions creates integrated, best-of-breed software solutions for discrete and process manufacturers, wholesaler-distributors, retailers, transportation companies and services industry providers from around the world.

OPAL Solutions customers take advantage of ongoing innovation by upgrading to new versions of software, providing you with new opportunities to improve your business.

In addition, OPAL Solutions Services can help you achieve full, end-to-end supply chain management by providing solution development services, including:

-Strategic opportunity assessments
-Custom software enhancement/optimization
-Technical design
-Functional and technical scripting
-Data optimization
-Training program customization

To learn how OPAL Solutions Services can help improve your business operations, contact us

Cab Allocation System

17 Dec , 2014,
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Providing transport services to the employees has become essential by an organization. With today’s stress, this facility helps the employee to reach the work place without hassles. Moreover mass transportation brings down the cost as well as reduces pollution within the city.

The biggest challenge faced by the transport team is to provide services seamlessly without any hassles and ensure safety of the employees. At the same time the mantra is cost saving, hence the only method to bring down the cost is to optimize the routes with respect to the vehicle seating capacity and identify the shortest path to pick/drop locations. The Cab Allocation System (CAS) has the ability to dynamically create the rooster with current logins request for CAB services for scheduled or unscheduled trips.


  • Web enabled easy to use application
  • The user need not be familiar to all the pick/drop locations
  • Send SMS/ email alerts on creation of the routes to respective employees indicating the vehicle number to be boarded in
  • In case GPS enabled, provides the real time information
  • Computes per head cost for transportation
  • Provides date, journey, distance wise reports etc.
  • Generate SMS alerts while the cab reaching to pick/drop locations

Employee Transport Management System

15 Dec , 2014,
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Employee Transport Management System is a web-based transport management solution that streamlines and manages employee pick up/drop off. With GPS tracking technology, the solution provides, real-time tracking, employee notification, and analytic’s to improve operational efficiency. The solution is aimed at improving employee satisfaction by reducing employee wait time for pick-up by providing the ability to locate and track their pick-up vehicle. Transport departments could also realize efficiencies by monitoring utilization, travel-times etc. and re-routing

The Solution

The transport admin has to define each route referring to previous day’s route history. She/he can then identify pickup/drop off points on the route and mark/name them. These locations are automatically geo-coded into the system. Next step is to identify the employees to be picked up at these pick-up points.

Once this setup is done, the transport admin’s daily routine is to assign buses to these routes. Notification to employees etc. is automatically handled.

All employees that are entered in the system receive real time tracking URL in a welcome message one hour prior to scheduled pick-up. Another SMS alert is sent to the employee twenty minutes(as required) before pickup along with vehicle status (on-time or delayed). This helps reduce the waiting time for employees and helps them plan their time efficiently.

To further improve security and logging usage, employee ID cards can be swiped at embark/disembarkation points. This information is tied to the employee database in correlating employee attendance and female safety by ensuring at least one male colleague is accompanying a lady employee at any point of time. Panic buttons installed in the vehicle help alerting the admin in case of any emergency.

Analyze and Optimize

The Employee Transport Management System once the system has been installed and in use, collects a lot of data regarding the routes, utilization, pick-up/drop-off, travel time and distance. This data can then be analyzed to identify inefficiencies and correct them, re-engineer routes to improve utilization and reduce travel time etc.

Fleet Management and GPS Vehicle Tracking

11 Dec , 2014,
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Fleet operations are under constant pressure to deliver more efficiencies while maintaining a safe working environment for staff and protecting valuable assets. GPS fleet tracking is an essential tool for making every vehicle more effective, reducing costs and ultimately allowing business and government to do more with less.

OPAL Solutions provides complete tracking and management tools that provide complete return on investment typically in less than one year. Hard savings in fuel, vehicle miles driven, and worker overtime are obvious benefits. In addition, fewer accidents, improved driver behavior and better execution of corporate and agency mandates deliver even more value to the organization.

Critical Fleet Data From Anywhere, Anytime

By developing and supporting the entire GPS tracking system, from vehicle modem to antenna to satellite airtime to Web application, OPAL Solutions provides the most effective vehicle tracking system available. OPAL Solutions has built a rugged and efficient system to provide near real-time information and emergency alerts that can mean the difference between life and death.

Your Partner in Business Success

Implementing fleet policies and managing compliance is always a challenge. Reducing speed and idle time along with less erratic driving can significantly lower fuel usage, but it is difficult to maintain and enforce policies without the tools to prove violations. OPAL Solutions provides the configuration tools and reports to improve fleet efficiency and implement lasting changes that can enhance business success and growth.

OPAL Solutions Professional Services and highly qualified Technical Support ease the rollout of GPS fleet tracking to your entire fleet, even if they are dispersed around the world. Setup and configuration are performed to client requirements.

Transportation & Logistics Management

10 Dec , 2014,
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Synchronize supply chain execution with complete visibility into inventory, costs and performance

Companies today are challenged to streamline their transportation and logistics management processes to maximize efficiencies, customer satisfaction and profit margins. Transportation Management and Logistics Management solutions from OPAL Solutions Software effectively manage the entire closed-loop transportation process — from long-range strategies and operational planning to day-to-day execution.

Transform your business by using OPAL solutions to:

  • Implement transportation plans driven by consumer demand and replenishment policies
  • Control costs and streamline productivity
  • Leverage logistics to support profitable growth
  • Improve trading partner relationships with effective collaboration

Challenge: Driving Profitability in Today’s Complex Global Market

Fundamentally, the role of transportation and logistics management is simple: get the right product to the right place at the right time and at the lowest cost. Competition in terms of transportation and logistics depends on speed and intelligence – making the best decisions, quickly turning decisions into action and monitoring the operation every step of the way to deliver the superior service customers expect. Achieving this objective is no small feat in today’s complex global environment. Companies are under intense pressure now more than ever to streamline their operations and overcome unprecedented economic, environmental and industry challenges while still satisfying the ongoing expectations of a rapidly evolving customer base.

Additionally, global trade is significantly rising – depleting fuel and energy resources, lengthening and straining supply chains and ultimately inflating overall supply chain costs. Companies must navigate supply chain bottlenecks and higher freight costs because of network congestion, uncontrollable delays and longer transit times. In addition to offsetting increasing costs, companies now also face progressively stringent security and governmental regulations, as well as global pressure to reduce emissions by making their operations greener.

Solution: Achieving Real Results with Proven Transportation and Logistics Management

For over years, OPAL Solutions Software has led hundreds of on premise, licensed deployments of our world-class, integrated Transportation & Logistics Management solutions at some of the biggest names in retail, manufacturing and wholesale distribution. Our customers have reported the real results needed to strategically advance their multi model, global logistics networks, including reduced costs, maximized efficiencies, improved service levels and increased profit margins.

Featuring a broad footprint, rich functionality and unparalleled scalability, OPAL Solutions comprehensive solutions effectively manage the entire closed-loop transportation process – from long range strategies and operational planning to day-to-day execution. Whether looking to improve the design of your network, procurement strategies, business constraint-based planning and optimization, shipment visibility, payment and billing or performance analysis initiatives, OPAL Solutions integrated yet modular solution set is easily configurable to meet your current and future needs. Providing keen logistics optimization and demand-driven supply chain visibility, OPAL Solutions empowers you to boost profits and shareholder value by significantly reducing costs, streamlining productivity, improving customer service and enhancing trading partner collaboration.

Personal Tracking Systems

9 Dec , 2014,
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GPS tracking systems are now built and designed as intensely portable, compact monitoring systems that have the capability to be plugged into a vehicle’s power system, cigarette lighter adapter, or powered by a strong internal battery source. One of the most powerful and tools in the world is information, and a personal GPS vehicle tracking solution will provide users with an abundance of information that can help consumers, businesses, or professionals. GPS personal tracking systems have a one function, and that is to monitor a person or vehicle. The information and data collected by the personal GPS trackers can be used for number of consumer or business applications and purposes.

Uses Of Personal Tracking Systems Include:

  1. Families Who Have A Parent With Alzheimer’s Disease.
  2. Businesses Wanting To Document Mileage Driven By Employees.
  3. Police Needing To Monitor A Potential Criminal.
  4. Parents Who Have A Young Teenage Driver.
  5. Government Agencies Tracking Possible Threats To National Security.
  6. People Who Believe a Partner May Be Unfaithful.
  7. Companies Trying To Improve Fleet Management And Routing.
  8. And Many, Many More.

Having the ability to swiftly and easily find the location of a person or vehicle can have many advantageous qualities, regardless if you are operating a real-time tracker or passive tracker.

GPS Fleet Tracking System

8 Dec , 2014,
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vehicle map

Welcome to OPAL Solutions, GPS Fleet Tracking System.

OPAL Solutions helps you manage your growing fleet of vehicles around the world. Fleet management solutions need to be efficient and constant, and OPAL Solutions comprehensive GPS tracking services help reduce your fuel waste, ensure on-schedule transport, and help you monitor your most valuable assets every inch of the way.

OPAL Solutions knows that the cargo you’re transporting is an important asset, and so is the fleet of vehicles you rely on to get it where it needs to go. In order to help ensure successful, on-time delivery, OPAL Solutions can create an economical GPS vehicle and equipment tracking system for any-size operational fleet management. Industries and businesses of all sizes have depended on OPAL Solutions to manage their fleets around the world. OPAL Solutions have been proven in many global and local enterprises, including security, transportation, construction, oil and gas, education and more. Click here to browse OPAL Solutions fleet tracking hardware options.

Monitor Your Assets Everywhere, Always:

The success of your business depends on constant, comprehensive fleet management and tracking. OPAL Solutions specializes in continuous, real-time GPS tracking solutions that satisfy any asset tracking requirements. Our state-of-the-art GPS tracking system uses satellite monitoring technology along with wireless networking, allowing you to effectively manage your fleet from any internet-connected computer. OPAL Solutions tracking systems feature rugged GPS tracking devices and wireless modem technology that work seamlessly to transmit information to the secure OPAL Solutions server, ensuring that location data is safely, constantly updated.

Secure Online Tracking:

OPAL Solutions advanced tracking software gives you the power to monitor your valuable assets and vehicles from any computer. Use our secure, web-based software to gather reports about up-to-the-second route information, stops and more. OPAL Solutions GPS fleet management system is applicable in any type of asset tracking scenario, including truck, trailer, van and car tracking, as well as tracking for other vehicles and various types of equipment and inventory.

Save Money:

OPAL Solutions increases your fleet’s efficiency by improving fleet management, reducing fuel costs, preventing breakdowns and improving productivity. OPAL Solutions GPS tracking technology gives you information and peace of mind as you keep an eye on your most valuable assets. Our equipment management solutions are detailed throughout our website and are intended to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for more information, or to request a quote.

OPAL Solutions global fleet, vehicle and asset tracking solutions are in use by enterprises around the world, including transportation, security, oil & gas and education. With the value of your assets in mind, OPAL Solutions has developed and maintains premier asset tracking systems that meet specific, high-value requirements for businesses of all sizes and security levels. With OPAL Solutions you can rest-assured that your crucial vehicles and their cargo are always under surveillance. You can track travel time, fuel consumption, emergency events and more anywhere in the world using OPAL Solutions comprehensive suite of advanced tracking solutions. OPAL Solutions keeps an eye on your investment so you can too. In addition, OPAL Solutions worldwide tracking solutions include automatic vehicle location via GPS tracking systems and vehicle diagnostics.

School Bus Student Tracking

6 Dec , 2014,
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school bus

OPAL Solutions is designed specifically for school transportation to track and monitor student ridership in a safe and non-intrusive way.  Knowing if and when a student got on or off the bus accounts for a significant portion of calls parents make to schools and is information that schools need to know.  OPAL Solutions provides accurate and immediate answers.

Just What Schools Have Been Asking For

OPAL Solutions has succeeded where others have not by using its patented Radio Frequency Identification Device (RFID) technology to solve the problem.  Students carry a small card that contains passive RFID technology that logs each student’s entry or exit automatically when the student passes the scanner located on the school bus.

Load and Unload Process Stays the Same

Customers say it works because OPAL Solutions requires no action on the part of drivers or students, other than to carry the card.  OPAL Solutions delivers the required performance without impeding the normal loading and unloading process.  It’s a true win/win/win/win for school officials, drivers, students and parents.

For Parents’ Peace of Mind

Parents can receive student tracking information by cell phone and computer browser with OPAL Solutions

School Officials, Parents and Students All Gain

Transporting students responsibly is something school officials and parents take very seriously.  A student’s boarding or departure status has always been largely reliant on speculation.  OPAL Solutions provides the capabilities commensurate to the responsibility.

  • STUDENTS – Provide valuable information when getting on and off the bus.
  • PARENTS – Take the appropriate action because they have precise answers to boarding status and times.
  • SCHOOL PRINCIPALS – Meet obligations to parents and district to do all they can to ensure student safety.
  • TRANSPORTATION MANAGERS – Equip buses with powerful track and report capabilities cost-effectively.
  • DRIVERS – Provide valuable and accurate information without having to do anything different.
  • SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES – Answer parents’ and school officials’ questions instantly and accurately.
  • RISK MANAGERS – Protect the districts from liability by removing uncertainty about boarding status.
  • IT MANAGERS – Save valuable resources, with no demands on existing IT infrastructure or personnel.

Now student ridership can be monitored in a safe and non-intrusive way.  Parents and school officials can have answers easily, immediately and cost-effectively with the OPAL Solutions student tracking system.

Logistics management and tracking

5 Dec , 2014,
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Online Installations:

The OPAL Solutions logistics management solution client application software can be installed online without any expert help. Even after a hardware crash, the application can resume operations by simple installation. All Branch Database are controlled from the Head Office.


Innumerable features that are very sensitive to the needs of transport operators and freight forwarding companies. Seemingly negligible yet sensitive factors become an organizational and planning challenge. In order to handle the multifarious jobs of a logistician, the solution needs to flexible and competent for every operations in the workflow


Desk Top Application
Automated Trip Loading
Consignment Re-routing


Centralized Administration
Local Data Backup
Local Data Restoration
Invoice Rate Settings


Remote Data Backup
Online Data Restoration
Auto Bug Reporting
Application Updates


Extended web portal
Online Customer Support
Online Booking Enabled
Consignment Tracking