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eMotel- Hotel Management Solutions

4 Dec , 2014,
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City Hotels, Resorts, Inns and Boutique properties can differentiate themselves from the competition with Frontdesk Anywhere. Our hotel management software has the power and features of an installed application with the speed and flexibility that comes from an Internet delivered application.

Key Features

  • Master Data: Guest Master, Room Master, Company Master, Event Master, Luxury Tax Master And many more.
  • Operations Master: Login, Reservations, Walkins, Checkouts, Settlements, Room Blocking, Change Rooms, Advance, Refund And many more.


  • Fast
  • Intuitive interface makes training and use a breeze.
  • Offer predefined packages.
  • Night Audit reports.
  • Financial reports.
  • Operational reports.
  • Revenue management reports.
  • No double entry of data from one system to another.
  • Remote access and oversight.
  • Mobile access with your smart phone.
  • Data security is handled by our professionals.

Toll Plaza Vehicle Management Solution

3 Dec , 2014,
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A toll road is a privately or publicly built road for which the driver is required to pay a fee or toll. The place where road toll is collected called “Toll Plaza”. Every toll plaza uses vehicles for mandatory road maintenance and other operational activities.

The tasks performed by different vehicles are as detailed below,
Patrolling vehicles: These vehicles have to patrol an assigned stretch of the highway daily. Also, the patrolling vehicles shouldn’t exceed a particular speed limit and they have to report to the concerned authorities on their task completion. Based on patrolling workers feedback, the authorities will take necessary steps for maintaining the highway.
Ambulances: In case of accidents on highway, the plaza near to the Accident spot will send the ambulance. Ambulance is expected to reach the accident spot as early as possible. Because of the communication gap, the ambulances sometime move in the wrong direction, resulting in delay in ambulance reaching the spot, which many times turn fatal for the victims. So, monitoring of ambulances is a vital task of toll plaza authorities.
Towing vehicles and cranes: As and when the vehicles break-down or gets punctured on the highway, the drivers contact the highway maintaining authorities for help. The authorities send the towing vehicle or crane to the spot and are expected to reach the sport quickly.
Water tankers or water carriers: Plants in the median strip have to be watered and maintained by concerned toll plaza. So, watering all the plants and keeping them in good health is the responsibility of a nearby plaza. Scheduling and managing the activities of water tankers is a challenge for the authority.
Cabs/Cars/ any other vehicle for workers transportation: As the toll plazas are located in remote places, all the employees have to be transported according to the schedule to and from toll plaza. Also, the local workers who maintain the plants are from the work sites. Maintaining the schedule of these vehicles is a challenge for the authorities.


  • Vehicle’s real-time location info.
  • Route and schedule adherence.
  • Dynamic vehicle and route allocation system.
  • Support to toll plaza owners for complying to highway service.
  • Guidelines and regulations.


1. Real time vehicle tracking: Each of the vehicles at Toll Plaza has been assigned with a particular task and while performing these tasks, they have to be tracked. The authorities will get the real time status update of the work.
2. Patrolling stretch allocation: Each patrolling vehicle is assigned with a specific stretch on highway to be covered in a given time interval (daily/weekly). Maintaining the good health of highway is a vital activity of the builder.
3. Fuel Pilferage: The patrolling staff might cover a small portion of the highway in the stretch allotted to them, with this solution only allowed fuel quantity can be dispense according to their daily report and mileage covered.
4. Vehicle traveling in wrong direction: Traveling in a non-specified route is cause of concern for toll plaza authorities. In case of ambulances, traveling in wrong direction might be fatal for accident victims. With this state of art solution authorities will get immediately about vehicle route deviation.
5. Control on over speed: The patrolling vehicles have to travel within a specified speed for performing their task effectively. And their stoppage or idle time at particular location is supportive information for the maintenance of the highway.

eVisitor- Visitor Management Solutions

2 Dec , 2014,
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eVisitor is a Visitor Management Software that helps you in professionalizing the manner in which you welcome your visitors. The Visitor Management Module helps you to welcome and manage your incoming and outgoing visitors’ whether they are planned or not. This software is a complete Visitor Management service to improve the efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction of your businesses. Eliminates scribbling their name in a paper book.

Why eVisitor- Visitor Management Solutions ???

  • Pass creation doesn?t takes time.
  • Photograph can be captured.
  • Same pass cannot be passed to other persons.
  • Pre-Approval before issuing a pass is possible automatically.
  • Prior appointment is possible.
  • Retrieving the pass details including photograph is possible.
  • Bar code integration for recording exit time will not be time consuming.

eVisitor- Visitor Management Solution Features

  • Visitor pass with Visitor?s Details, Official Details & photograph.
  • Option to print the pass or even reprint the pass.
  • Checkout using Bar code etc.
  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Confirmation option for unscheduled / scheduled visitors through eVisitor SMS integration.
  • Online scheduled appointments list.
  • Centralized database management.
  • Multiple Entrance point (gate) support.
  • Returnable/ Non-Returnable Material gate passes can be issued.

ePayroll- Payroll Management Solutions

1 Dec , 2014,
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ePayroll app contain information on payroll transactions, including salary and wages, withholding amounts, deductions and other employee data. Reports allow management to check the accuracy and correctness of transactions on a regular basis. Most payroll systems provide flexibility and convenience in accessing and creating reports, making it easier for managers to get the data they need.

Standard Reports

  • The Payroll department provides standard reports on a regular basis, such as every payroll run, monthly, quarterly and annually. These reports include the payroll register, salary/benefits cost, payroll audit, terminations, new hires, salary increases, payroll distribution and vacation/sick balances. Managers may automatically receive printed reports or obtain access to view these reports online. Standard reports provide up-to-date, current information to allow timely review of payroll transactions and prompt correction of payment errors.

Ad-hoc Reports

  • Managers can run Payroll reports on an ad-hoc basis or as required. Ad-hoc reports are already set up and available on the payroll system. Some of these reports include employee information, overtime, length of service, job history and employee actions. As payroll and human resources data are often integrated into one system, managers can also generate HR reports, such as employee awards, disciplinary action, performance reviews and training.