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Tour and Travels Vehicle Tracking System

29 Jan , 2015,
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Opal Solutions provides simultaneous access on to the data of to fleet location. With Opal Solutions GPS vehicle tracking system installed on your vehicle you can be sure that your driver, bus (coach), and travelers are protected, pick-ups and drop-offs are on time and you’re running your fleet as efficiently as possible. Opal Solutions GPS mapping assists you to easily find, plan, evaluate distance, generate route and reduce travel hours which significantly reduce costs and increase fleet life.

Usage of this GPS fleet tracking system will not only assist you in locating the vehicle in addition it will improve your productivity by enabling you to respond client in short notice of time and save fuel consumption by finding optimal routes between locations. Facility to avail a complete trip record on each of your vehicles gives a comprehensive data for baseline performance analysis.

Solution Offerings…

> Vehicle travel time Tracking
> Vehicle idle time Tracking
> Vehicle mileage Tracking reports
> Vehicle speed Tracking
> Vehicle location and status Tracking
> Vehicle fuel status Tracking
> Easily create & manage driver profiles & schedules
> With GPS Mapping feature you can Instantly get the relevant driven route displayed on the screen
> On time Customer service by finding the vehicle close to user defined landmarks
> Protect your vehicles and secure your assets by detecting any unauthorized movement
> Enhance productivity by meeting key objectives like least travel time & reduced costs
> Control speeding procedure based on speed limit exploitation
> Manage fuel expenditure and operating costs by choosing the optimal route for your trip
> View reports of all trips including distance, total travel hours and other statistics

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Logistics and Transportation Solutions

24 Jan , 2015,
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Transportation and logistics management boost perfect orders and reduce costs.

While a global supply chain enables companies to leverage lower cost manufacturing, there are significant challenges imposed on transportation managers in ensuring products delivered over long distances arrive on time and are distributed to the right locations. Transportation costs are typically 5-6% of a company’s revenue and a major contributor to overall product costs. Better transportation management helps companies improve their overall supply chain efficiency.

The longer lead times with global suppliers, volatile fuel prices and risks such as unavoidable delays, make estimating the cost and time associated with transportation difficult. As a result, companies incur high expedite and inventory costs.

To reduce transportation overheads and ensure that the right product reaches the right location on time, transportation managers require a centralized view into all of their transportation activities as well as the ability to understand transportation’s impact on product inventory.

Overcoming challenges in logistics and transportation

A consolidated view into logistics and transportation within the supply chain is vital to understanding, managing and balancing supply and demand, Viewlocity Technologies solutions assist transportation managers with:

– Managing long lead times and variability
– Monitoring and communicating changes in demand
– Increasing product margins

When it comes to logistics and transportation management, Viewlocity Technololgies has the solutions you need to ensure:

> Reduced overall system inventory
> Reduced supply chain operating costs
> Reduced expedited freight costs
> Enablement of lean supply chain operations
> Increased operating efficiency

Logistics Fleet Management Solutions

20 Jan , 2015,
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OPAL Solutions specializes in global, continuous tracking coverage for logistics operations in remote, rugged and hazardous regions of the world.

OPAL Solutions has become a key provider of GPS tracking and mobile resource management in regions of the world where terrain, weather, insurgency or other risk of incidents is a real concern.

Remote Operations:

Risks related to rugged and remote operations are being addressed by OPAL Solutions for fleets operations. Transportation companies find that Iridium satellite tracking offered by OPAL Solutions insures that driver communication is maintained with reliable and near real-time performance regardless of location. For sub contracting situations, satellite monitoring in remote regions can insure that the primary provider is billed for vehicle operations.

Efficient Asset Utilization:

Monitoring the locations and status of vehicles also provides important insight as to the readiness of vehicles to be reloaded or sent to another job. Remote operations where only Satellite tracking will show location give the logistics team an understanding of shipment progress and reduce unscheduled side trips by drivers. Sensors can help detect offloading of cargo or fuel and improve driver behavior and overall fleet efficiency.

Competitive Advantage:

OPAL Solutions capabilities in the Logistics industry are proven to provide competitive advantage for organizations that operate in remote and rugged regions of the world. Equipping vehicles with all satellite GPS tracking is important for meeting the tight location requirements provides a higher sense of security for commercial clients.

OPAL Solutions client Logistics applications and benefits are highlighted below.


Fleet Management and GPS Vehicle Tracking

17 Jan , 2015,
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Fleet operations are under constant pressure to deliver more efficiencies while maintaining a safe working environment for staff and protecting valuable assets. GPS fleet tracking is an essential tool for making every vehicle more effective, reducing costs and ultimately allowing business and government to do more with less.

OPAL Solutions provides complete mobile asset tracking and management tools that provide complete return on investment typically in less than one year. Savings in fuel, vehicle miles driven, and worker overtime are obvious benefits. In addition, fewer accidents, improved driver behavior and better execution of corporate and agency mandates deliver even more value to the organization.

Critical Fleet Data from Anywhere, Anytime..

By developing and supporting the entire GPS tracking system, from vehicle modem to antenna to satellite airtime to Web application, OPAL Solutions  provides the most effective vehicle tracking system available. OPAL Solutions has built a rugged and efficient system to provide near real-time information and emergency alerts that can mean the difference between life and death.

In case of an emergency, a Geo-tagged text message or panic button activation notifies responders and tells them where to go, in time to make a difference.

Your Partner in Business Success..

Implementing fleet policies and managing compliance is always a challenge. Reducing speed and idle time along with less erratic driving can significantly lower fuel usage, but it is difficult to maintain and enforce policies without the tools to prove violations. OPAL Solutions provides the configuration tools and reports to improve fleet efficiency and implement lasting changes that can enhance business success and growth.

OPAL Solutions Professional Services and highly qualified Technical Support ease the roll-out of GPS fleet tracking to your entire fleet, even if they are dispersed around the world. Setup and configuration are performed to client requirements.

Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

14 Jan , 2015,
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Vehicle Tracking System is an excellent way for fleet owners and managers to monitor their cars, trucks, or vehicles effectively. Monitoring is not just getting the address and seeing the vehicle on map but also getting other real time details like speed, stops, mileage, route changes, detailed analysis and exceptions of trips. VTS allows administrators to communicate with the fleet drivers using direct SMS.

A full coverage of maps and availability of application over Web and Mobiles means fleet is always under the fingertips.

In fact, nearly all businesses who have a large vehicle fleet are considering tracking systems as a way to improve their efficiency and in effect, increase profitability.

Using our GPS Vehicle Tracking System in your cars and trucks will get you all the facts at right time!

  • 24/7 Vehicle LOCATION information
  • Real time GPS tracking on MAP
  • TRIP ANALYSIS & EXCEPTIONS (speeding, stops, route change, etc.)
  • Communicate with vehicle driver using SMS features
  • Set GEO-FENCE alerts if vehicle moves out of set area
  • All features accessible via Mobile & Web
  • Easy Installation & setup

Normally a GPS vehicle tracking system will consist of a tracking device placed inside a vehicle along with a central server and software that lets the user track the fleet. The information is relayed using geostationary positioning satellites that give any fleet vehicle’s speed, position and direction of travel.

The device inside the vehicle transmits its position on regular intervals in order to remain up to date at all times. The interval is usually around every two to fifteen minutes depending upon the owner’s preferences.

>What are the principal uses of GPS personal vehicle tracking?

Vehicle tracking systems can help to reduce running costs by specifically targeting those who speed and waste fuel. By focusing upon these drivers it is possible to not only reduce fuel and maintenance bills, but to also reduce insurance premiums.

Some insurance companies offer around a thirty percent discount to companies who implement a GPS vehicle tracking system. This is not only because it encourages safer driving, but also helps recovery if thefts do occur.

Productivity of workers can be increased by being able to keep track of lunch hours, exposing unauthorized stops and breaks and by evaluating the overtime requests of workers. By having detailed information on the whereabouts of vehicles at all times, it is far easier to keep an eye on employee activities.

GPS devices help businesses to become more customer friendly. For instance, a cab company that is using a vehicle tracking system can tell a customer exactly where the nearest cab is and give a realistic estimate on how long it will be.

Business owners can find their most productive employees and use this information to implement further training or even a system of bonuses to enhance staff members work ethic.

Vehicle tracking systems will vastly reduce your phone bills as it is no longer a necessity to constantly call employees to find their location.

By having all the relevant information on one screen, those running the software have easy access to answer inquiries rapidly and accurately.

GPS systems reduce the amount of paperwork that drivers must fill out. By doing this you not only soften the blow of introducing such a system, but also increase the accuracy of your records.

By having detailed information on the whereabouts of all employees, business owners are far more in touch with their business operations. Meaning they have greater levels of control over their company.


  • More control and safety of your fleet through real-time tracking
  • Improved fleet control
  • Real time route timing information at stops
  • Reduced operating costs and optimization of routes
  • Improved management of information among the company, drivers and passengers
  • Increases service quality and reduces customer waiting time
  • Facilitate up to the minute messaging and alerts
  • Easy to use web-based dashboard
  • Provide quick and accurate responses
  • Gain greater insight to fleet maintenance

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School Bus GPS Tracking Solution

12 Jan , 2015,
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The School Bus GPS Tracking solution gives you in real time the location of your child while he or she is travelling to or from school.  You get notification as to when your child enters or alights from the bus via text message along with the location and time of the activity. The estimated time of arrival of your child is also notified to you so that time is not wasted waiting for the bus.


  • SMS notification to the parents upon the entry/exit of their kids from school bus
  • Parents alerted about the expected time of arrival of the bus, when the bus starts its journey
  • School Authorities alerted in case of over speeding by the bus driver
  • Sends an alert when the device attached to the school bus is tampered with
  • Option of Geo-fencing, wherein a geographical perimeter/boundary can be set for your school bus,  upon crossing which you receive an alert
  • Device has a battery-backup of up to 6 hours, if disconnected from the bus
  • Stores retrievable data, even if the vehicle goes beyond the network area
  • SMS reminders, when the vehicle will be due for servicing


  •  Tracks movement of their child’s school bus from anywhere
  • Bad driving practices like over speeding is brought to notice ensuring safer driving
  • Cuts cost by using efficient routes and also by preventing fuel pilferage
  • Response to emergency situations becomes easy as the exact location of the school bus is known
  • Better accountability to parents and garner a goodwill

Cab Management System

9 Jan , 2015,
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Your Cab Management System– venture of OPAL Solutions started off with Web Designing and Development only but today we are not only developers but an Idea to give a simplified website designing and development with a perfect touch of focused UI for Cab Businesses make complete Cab Management System for them.

As our primary focus was on UI, we made the website look User Friendly and also made sure that the website structure is SEO friendly so that, the business get’s boom sooner on major search engines. Your Cab Manager gives you a real managerial function and features to dispatch your taxies, manage your cars, add appropriate rates and to lower down cab company’s efforts in managing the entire business online.