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How GPS Trackers Will Improve The Trucking Industry

14 Feb , 2015,
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GPS tracker: Future changes for the better

GPS tracker systems have been through several changes in the last handful of years as occurrences have dragged the population down to a recession period and back up to the economic recovery. With things looking up, we have seen several advancements of GPS trackers that have changed the inner workings of trucking companies in many ways. Now, these company managers are looking ahead and wondering what the next few years will bring.

Trucking companies suffered during the recession period as they weren’t able to fill the demands of shipping freight. Luckily, this is no longer the case and the predictions being made are expecting shipping volume to increase over the next five years. This is fantastic for the trucking industry, but with more business, means more responsibility. With more runs being made, more driver and vehicle management is needed. For the best business savings, the future of fleet management revolves around fuel efficiency, regulations and smarter management.

With GPS trackers, management can monitor their vehicles more closely. The GPS tracker system can aid in decreasing fuel usage. Mangers can obtain reports of fuel efficiency. The reports can also be scheduled to determine areas that drivers may be wasting fuel. Fuel wasting might occur at times when there is needless idling, unapproved vehicle usage and speeding. Managers can eliminate irrelevant fuel expenses by using the GPS tracker system.

Some drivers may not like the idea of being monitored, but the overall savings to the trucking company will be worth potential grumblings. GPS trackers can help managers to regulate scheduled vehicle maintenance, monitoring drivers in real-time, logging actual work activity times of employees and billing accuracy. All of these aspects are important to saving the company time and money.

With all of the knowledge that GPS trackers award to managers, they will be able to complete their jobs more efficiently. If managers know exactly where their drivers are at, they’re able to keep customers happy by ensuring that delivery of freight is made timely and can provide accurate billing to decrease disputes. GPS trackers are the key to having smarter management.
Keep your minds open to the future of fleet management and the advances of GPS trackers as they improve fuel efficiency, regulations and smarter management.

Benefits Of GPS Trackers With Panic Alerts

13 Feb , 2015,
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GPS tracker: For the safety of drivers

GPS tracking offers many helpful tools to enhance business practices. One great aspect of GPS trackers are their alert system capabilities. More specifically, they are not just money savers, but safety enforcers. The GPS tracker alert system creates the opportunity to have an endless amount of event alerts, which aid drivers and help managers to stay alert. In seconds you can receive a text message or email when an event takes place. One of the most useful features of a GPS tracker, for personal safety, are panic alerts.

Given that you’ve purchased a specific type of GPS tracker device with the ability to access panic alerts, you can establish “safe zones” (Geo-fences) for your drivers. By doing so, you can be notified if your drivers leave your specified Geo-fences. This is a good feature to have in order to properly monitor the safety of your drivers.

What if something should happen while your drivers are within their designated Geo-fences? There is no reason to fear, because panic alerts can still be useful inside the outlined Geo-fences as well. The panic alerts are activated when the panic feature is initiated. With the press of a button, a GPS tracker user can instantly alert others if a driver is in an emergency situation. On most GPS trackers, the feature will send rapid-fire location alerts followed by automated cell phone or email alerts. The live tracking map system will show a digital display of your vehicle’s location. GPS tracking panic alerts, if possible, also display the exact type of emergency situation you’re facing.

Safety is very important for business. The key is to purchase GPS trackers with panic alerts and you can have real-time GPS tracking once the button is pressed. If your a business manager with fleets, you’ll find that GPS tracking devices with panic alerts are a great way to provide peace of mind.

Monitor Idling With GPS Trackers

12 Feb , 2015,
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GPS tracker: Cost efficient

GPS trackers have helped many business owners with their ability to monitor the movement and location of their vehicles. They have been able to save managers business expenses by keeping an eye out for their drivers and maintaining best business practices. In addition to being able to monitor the vehicle movement, GPS trackers can also detect when drivers are sitting idle. This is significant, because problems like increased fuel costs, additional vehicle maintenance, and being environmentally unfriendly can be bad for business and ultimately bring down your bottom line.

Your company’s fuel costs are sure to increase if your trucks are forced to remain idle, because as the motor runs it is burning up fuel. With the high cost of fuel, you definitely do not want to be wasting business expenses on more fuel than is necessary. Of course, it is practically impossible to assume that idling at traffic lights will decrease, but idling unnecessarily at job sites or for employee personal use can be brought to a minimum with the GPS tracking monitoring system. When a driver arrives to their destination, rather than leaving the vehicle running, they should turn the engine off. If drivers aren’t compliant, managers could chose to receive real-time alerts from the GPS tracker.

Not only does idling burn fuel, but leaving the motor running while in park can cause engine wear. There are the usual expenses to deal with when it comes to tire changes, oil changes, and under-the-hood preservation. Then, there are the other expenses associated with extra maintenance needed brought on by idling too long. Vehicle maintenance expenses can add up in a hurry and tacking on more maintenance costs just because your drivers were idling unnecessarily is inefficient.

As if burning fuel and additional maintenance expenses weren’t enough, vehicle idling is also terrible for the environment, which may become an issue among government regulations. While your vehicle is sitting there, the engine is releasing pollutants into the air making your company environmentally unfriendly. If mangers know where the vehicles are by use of GPS trackers, then they will also know what their drivers are doing. GPS trackers can help you to monitor unproductive time and unjustified usage.

With GPS trackers, you can have the power to monitor idling, which will drastically decrease fuel costs, reduce extra vehicle maintenance and improve your ecological footprint. If you choose to be more cost efficient with GPS trackers, you will soon be able to account for the fact that the benefits quickly pay for themselves.

Geo-fencing & GPS Tracking

10 Feb , 2015,
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You’re probably wondering what this GPS tracker feature called Geo-fencing can really do for you? The Geo-fencing can be any shape or size and allows you to set a boundary area where a vehicle is allowed or not allowed to travel. This will alert you if your driver happens to travel across the set boundary. It is, truthfully, one of the most complex features of the GPS tracker system, but it can improve the quality of your business in many diverse ways.

Of course, it is imperative for drivers to be at a job site timely. Geo-fencing alerts will warn you when a driver enters or exits their job-site. With a GPS tracker system, you will be able to have a digital time stamp for the arrive time of your drivers, when their work actually begins and when they leave. This means no more pesky time sheets or clocking in. The drivers can just get right down to business.

Another way Geo-fencing can help is by making payroll a little easier. Payroll is a headache for a lot of companies and it’s normal if you feel this way about yours. Don’t let paper timekeeping weigh you down. GPS trackers mean that you will never feel the strain of manually keeping track of your drivers’ work hours again. With the GPS tracker system you can allow Geo-fencing to automate your timekeeping records to an all new accuracy level. Payroll nightmares can finally be over.

Geo-fencing alerts can also save you money by keeping your insurance premiums to a minimum. Insurance companies love safety features and give discounts to companies that utilize GPS trackers. The Geo-fencing alerts will allow for after hours monitoring to prevent theft or damage to vehicles. GPS tracking devices coupled with Geo-fencing alerts gives your equipment much more security. Geo-fences are a very valuable way to help improve your business.

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School Bus GPS Tracking System

6 Feb , 2015,
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The School Bus GPS Tracking solution gives you in real time the location of your child while he or she is traveling to or from school. The OGTS system also allows you to view a live video stream of the activities within the bus. This prevents ragging and other such activities from happening within the bus. Parents/Guardians get notification as to when your child enters or alights from the bus via text message along with the location and time of the activity. The estimated time of arrival of your child is also notified to you so that time is not wasted waiting for the bus.


  • SMS notification to the parents upon the entry/exit of their kids from school bus
  • Parents alerted about the expected time of arrival of the bus, when the bus starts its journey
  • School Authorities alerted in-case of over speeding by the bus driver
  • Sends an alert when the device attached to the school bus is tampered with
  • Option of Geo-fencing, wherein a geographical perimeter/boundary can be set for your school bus,  upon crossing which you receive an alert
  • Device has a battery-backup of up to 6 hours, if disconnected from the bus
  • Stores retrievable data, even if the vehicle goes beyond the network area
  • SMS reminders, when the vehicle will be due for servicing


  • Superior service for OGTS helps differentiating the school
  •  Tracks movement of their child’s school bus from anywhere
  • Bad driving practices like over speeding is brought to notice ensuring safer driving
  • Cuts cost by using efficient routes and also by preventing fuel pilferage
  • Unwanted behavior such as ragging, bullying, etc monitored and prevented
  • Response to emergency situations becomes easy as the exact location of the school bus is known
  • Better accountability to parents and garner a goodwill


Fleet Management System for Government Business

5 Feb , 2015,
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Today’s government fleet managers must contend with shrinking budgets, government mandates regarding fleet size and utilization, and aggressive goals to reduce greenhouse emissions. To meet these challenges, OPAL Solutions powerful GPS tracking system lets you:

  • Lower operational costs
  • Optimize fleet size
  • Deter vehicle theft
  • Reduce greenhouse emissions
  • Achieve fleet management goals

A GPS Fleet Management System that Works:

OPAL Solutions provides the data you need to understand your fleet’s performance and the tools to improve it.

  • Cut labor costs: Improved dispatching and routing minimizes time behind the wheel, improves customer responses times, and helps to prevent costly overtime.
  • Reduce fuel consumption: Monitoring speed, idle time and other vehicle metrics can decrease fuel consumption and costs – one of the largest items on the government fleet budget.
  • Optimize fleet size and performance: Track and analyze every aspect of your fleet’s performance, including days utilized, total miles driven, average and peak usage for each vehicle. Customizable features let you track vehicle usage by site, location, department, or vehicle groups to make informed decisions regarding fleet size and vehicle utilization.
  • Deter vehicle theft and unauthorized use: GPS fleet tracking, fleet maps, and Geo-fence alerts identify possible unauthorized and “out of area” vehicle use.
  • Lower greenhouse emissions: Reduce speeding, idle time, and unauthorized vehicle use to drive fewer miles and produce fewer greenhouse gasses. Continuous monitoring of emissions keeps vehicles in compliance and helps to achieve emission reduction targets.
  • Achieve fleet efficiency goals: OPAL Solutions powerful GPS fleet tracking, reporting and alert capabilities produce fleet-wide reductions in costs while meeting fleet size, vehicle utilization, and greenhouse emissions goals.
  • Remotely manage your fleet: OPAL Solutions lets you access the entire system from your PC, smart phone, or other mobile device to monitor and manage fleet performance in the office, at home, or on the road.


In the face of shrinking budgets and rising fuel costs, several departments combined forces to pursue their fleet management goals. This included acquiring an affordable vehicle tracking technology that could help lower maintenance costs, reduce vehicle idling, and improve driver behavior. Managers also wanted to improve routing efficiency to enhance delivery of services to the community. Add in an aggressive environmental goal to reduce fuel use by 10 percent, and department managers faced a significant challenge.


>Improved vehicle routing efficiencies

>Increased staff productivity

>Enabled more efficient work assignment

>Reduced annual fuel and maintenance costs

>Lowered vehicle repair costs

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School Bus GPS Tracking

4 Feb , 2015,
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How safe is your school? Are students pursuing their academic mission in a secured environment?

In a scenario where safety and security are the biggest concerns, installation of safety technology in schools is a prerequisite. Exploit automation technology and manage your school safe and smart way. Use of tracking devices for children in schools is a buzz today.

Why stay behind in competition?

Upgrade your existing safety level by installing student information systems and vehicle tracking system for kids from OPAL Solutions.

Yes, smart schools and student safety are interrelated terms in today’s context. Recharge your school with GPS tracking devices for school buses. Know where your students are. Let parents/guardians know where their kids are. Get GPS tracker, rfid tracking systems for kids and keep track of your students within the school premises and on board your school buses. It is easy to use. Transportation facilities offered for safe commuting of students from school to home and vice verse is incomplete without GPS school bus tracking system for kids.

Benefits of GPS Bus tracking:

  • Real-time monitoring of transportation assets
  • Improved conveyance management
  • Regular monitoring to prevent delays in bus arrivals
  • Tracking the halt, speed and idle state of buses
  • Tracking students on board the bus
  • Dealing with unforeseen situations
  • Instant notifications to parents/guardians.




At OPAL Solutions, we have a team of IT experts who are backed by exclusive domain knowledge and years of experience. Once you approach us, we shall understand your requirements and accordingly devise the right solutions for your school, benefiting your management as well as parents/guardians. We provide both pre and post installation solutions.

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GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions for Companies

3 Feb , 2015,
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OPAL Solutions is a leading GPS fleet tracking and remote asset management solution for companies of all sizes. Since 2008, we have provided vehicle tracking solutions to all types of companies to help them reduce their operating expenses. Our GPS fleet tracking and remote asset management solutions can help you reduce unnecessary costs on everything from excess fuel usage to costly vehicle breakdowns, and more.

OPAL Solutions helps you manage your growing fleet of vehicles around the world. Fleet management solutions need to be efficient and constant, and OPAL Solutions comprehensive GPS tracking services help reduce your fuel waste, ensure on-schedule transport, and help you monitor your most valuable assets every inch of the way.

OPAL Solutions knows that the cargo you’re transporting is an important asset, and so is the fleet of vehicles you rely on to get it where it needs to go. In order to help ensure successful, on-time delivery, OPAL Solutions can create an economical GPS vehicle and equipment tracking system for any-size operational fleet management. Industries and businesses of all sizes have depended on OPAL Solutions to manage their fleets. OPAL Solutions have been proven in many enterprises, including security, transportation, construction, oil and gas, education and more. Click here to browse OPAL Solutions fleet tracking hardware options.

Monitor Your Assets Everywhere, Always:

The success of your business depends on constant, comprehensive fleet management and tracking. OPAL Solutions specializes in continuous, real-time GPS tracking solutions that satisfy any asset tracking requirements. Our state-of-the-art GPS tracking system uses satellite monitoring technology along with wireless networking, allowing you to effectively manage your fleet from any internet-connected computer. OPAL Solutions tracking systems feature rugged GPS tracking devices and wireless modem technology that work seamlessly to transmit information to the secure OPAL Solutions  server, ensuring that location data is safely, constantly updated. Click the link to browse OPAL Solutions available GPS tracking software.

Secure Online Tracking:

OPAL Solutions advanced tracking software gives you the power to monitor your valuable assets and vehicles from any computer. Use our secure, web-based software to gather reports about up-to-the-second route information, stops and more. OPAL Solutions GPS fleet management system is applicable in any type of asset tracking scenario, including truck, trailer, van and car tracking, as well as tracking for other vehicles and various types of equipment and inventory.

Save Money:

OPAL Solutions increases your fleet’s efficiency by improving fleet management, reducing fuel costs, preventing breakdowns and improving productivity. OPAL Solutions GPS tracking technology gives you information and peace of mind as you keep an eye on your most valuable assets. Our equipment management solutions are detailed throughout our website and are intended to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for more information, or to request a quote.