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Cab Allocation System for Employee Management System

13 Nov , 2014,
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Providing transport services to the employees has become essential by an organization. With today’s stress, this facility helps the employee to reach the work place without hassles. Moreover mass transportation brings down the cost as well as reduces pollution within the city.

The biggest challenge faced by the transport team is to provide services seamlessly without any hassles and ensure safety of the employees. At the same time the mantra is cost saving, hence the only method to bring down the cost is to optimize the routes with respect to the vehicle seating capacity and identify the shortest path to pick/drop locations. The Cab Allocation System (CAS) has the ability to dynamically create the rooster with current logins request for CAB services for scheduled or unscheduled trips.


Spot Location (Pick-up/Drop)

The operator  can insert all the pick/drop location by
Creating the GEO-CODES to database. This helps the
transport desk to pinpoint employee wise location

Create Route


The system allows the transport desk to create optimized route with the current requests. This shall be done at the desired interval and depends on the vehicle availability.

Manage Trip

The transport desk can manage schedule/unscheduled trips easily by assigning a particular journey to a vehicle

Create and print the Route

The trip manager can print all routes indicating the vehicle assigned, name of the employees, location and scheduled time of pick/drop of the employee.


  • Web enabled easy to use application
  • The user need not be familiar to all the pick/drop locations
  • Send SMS/ email alerts on creation of the routes to respective employees indicating the vehicle number to be boarded in
  • In case GPS enabled, provides the real time information
  • Computes per head cost for transportation
  • Provides date, journey, distance wise reports etc.
  • Generate SMS alerts while the cab reaching to pick/drop locations

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