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Employee Transport Management System

12 Nov , 2014,
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OPAL Solutions introduces solution for Employee Transport Management System. This web enabled application is used to create and maintain the shuttle services and cab services for employees. Employee Transport Management System helps to monitor the in‐board and out‐board status of employee in real time. EGPS/RFID/HID/Internet/Mobile/GIS technologies are used in this system. SMS facility available in this system, through SMS employ will receive the driver name and arrival time of cab. Geofence capability of the system will give alert in case of cab deviations from the designated routes, In case of violations, RED ALERTS are triggered. Employee transport management system generates MIS reports.

Vehicle Allocation System is the part of Employee transport management system which is used to optimize the vehicle capacity and obtain the shortest route.

Vehicle Allocation System dynamically creates the rout for CAB services.

Features of Employee Transport Management System:

  • Real time tracking of vehicle and employees.
  • Reduced cost through optimization of routes and the vehicle capacity.
  • Improves safety and security of the Employee especially during night journey.
  • MIS reports helps increase the fleet utilization.
  • (VAS) system helps out optimize the vehicle capacity and obtain the shortest route.
  • Allow the users to inquire the vehicle location using SMS TOOLS.

Benefits of Employee Transport Management System:

  • Reduces Computes per head cost for transportation.
  • Send SMS/ email alerts on creation of the routes to respective employees indicating the vehicle number to be boarded in.
  • In case GPS enabled Generate SMS alerts while the cab reaching to pick/drop locations, provides the real time information.
  • The user need not be familiar to all the pick/drop locations.
  • Provides date, journey, distance wise reports etc.

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