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School Bus GPS Tracking Solution

12 Jan , 2015,
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The School Bus GPS Tracking solution gives you in real time the location of your child while he or she is travelling to or from school.  You get notification as to when your child enters or alights from the bus via text message along with the location and time of the activity. The estimated time of arrival of your child is also notified to you so that time is not wasted waiting for the bus.


  • SMS notification to the parents upon the entry/exit of their kids from school bus
  • Parents alerted about the expected time of arrival of the bus, when the bus starts its journey
  • School Authorities alerted in case of over speeding by the bus driver
  • Sends an alert when the device attached to the school bus is tampered with
  • Option of Geo-fencing, wherein a geographical perimeter/boundary can be set for your school bus,  upon crossing which you receive an alert
  • Device has a battery-backup of up to 6 hours, if disconnected from the bus
  • Stores retrievable data, even if the vehicle goes beyond the network area
  • SMS reminders, when the vehicle will be due for servicing


  •  Tracks movement of their child’s school bus from anywhere
  • Bad driving practices like over speeding is brought to notice ensuring safer driving
  • Cuts cost by using efficient routes and also by preventing fuel pilferage
  • Response to emergency situations becomes easy as the exact location of the school bus is known
  • Better accountability to parents and garner a goodwill

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