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Vehicle Data Acquisition

27 Oct , 2014,
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In addition to reporting the position of the asset based on GPS information, our tracking units can control and report on the status of a variety of sensors and intelligent peripherals attached to the unit. Information such as acceleration, braking, fuel usage, temperature, etc. can be reported along with GPS data. The focus of our hardware design is on creating an extensible and modular platform for clients. Many peripherals can be attached to the tracking unit to enhance its functionality and meet the unique requirements of an application. A basic OPAL Solutions tracking unit can integrate information from various peripheral units and act as a hub for wireless data exchange between the mobile asset and the Gateway.

The units employ event-driven exception-based reporting mechanisms, such as stopped, moving, ignition, time of day, time interval expired, etc. Thus they relay only relevant field information and prevent significant data transmission overheads. Optimizations such as this allow us to offer solutions at significantly lower costs to our customers than our competition.

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