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Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)

14 Jan , 2015,
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Vehicle Tracking System is an excellent way for fleet owners and managers to monitor their cars, trucks, or vehicles effectively. Monitoring is not just getting the address and seeing the vehicle on map but also getting other real time details like speed, stops, mileage, route changes, detailed analysis and exceptions of trips. VTS allows administrators to communicate with the fleet drivers using direct SMS.

A full coverage of maps and availability of application over Web and Mobiles means fleet is always under the fingertips.

In fact, nearly all businesses who have a large vehicle fleet are considering tracking systems as a way to improve their efficiency and in effect, increase profitability.

Using our GPS Vehicle Tracking System in your cars and trucks will get you all the facts at right time!

  • 24/7 Vehicle LOCATION information
  • Real time GPS tracking on MAP
  • TRIP ANALYSIS & EXCEPTIONS (speeding, stops, route change, etc.)
  • Communicate with vehicle driver using SMS features
  • Set GEO-FENCE alerts if vehicle moves out of set area
  • All features accessible via Mobile & Web
  • Easy Installation & setup

Normally a GPS vehicle tracking system will consist of a tracking device placed inside a vehicle along with a central server and software that lets the user track the fleet. The information is relayed using geostationary positioning satellites that give any fleet vehicle’s speed, position and direction of travel.

The device inside the vehicle transmits its position on regular intervals in order to remain up to date at all times. The interval is usually around every two to fifteen minutes depending upon the owner’s preferences.

>What are the principal uses of GPS personal vehicle tracking?

Vehicle tracking systems can help to reduce running costs by specifically targeting those who speed and waste fuel. By focusing upon these drivers it is possible to not only reduce fuel and maintenance bills, but to also reduce insurance premiums.

Some insurance companies offer around a thirty percent discount to companies who implement a GPS vehicle tracking system. This is not only because it encourages safer driving, but also helps recovery if thefts do occur.

Productivity of workers can be increased by being able to keep track of lunch hours, exposing unauthorized stops and breaks and by evaluating the overtime requests of workers. By having detailed information on the whereabouts of vehicles at all times, it is far easier to keep an eye on employee activities.

GPS devices help businesses to become more customer friendly. For instance, a cab company that is using a vehicle tracking system can tell a customer exactly where the nearest cab is and give a realistic estimate on how long it will be.

Business owners can find their most productive employees and use this information to implement further training or even a system of bonuses to enhance staff members work ethic.

Vehicle tracking systems will vastly reduce your phone bills as it is no longer a necessity to constantly call employees to find their location.

By having all the relevant information on one screen, those running the software have easy access to answer inquiries rapidly and accurately.

GPS systems reduce the amount of paperwork that drivers must fill out. By doing this you not only soften the blow of introducing such a system, but also increase the accuracy of your records.

By having detailed information on the whereabouts of all employees, business owners are far more in touch with their business operations. Meaning they have greater levels of control over their company.


  • More control and safety of your fleet through real-time tracking
  • Improved fleet control
  • Real time route timing information at stops
  • Reduced operating costs and optimization of routes
  • Improved management of information among the company, drivers and passengers
  • Increases service quality and reduces customer waiting time
  • Facilitate up to the minute messaging and alerts
  • Easy to use web-based dashboard
  • Provide quick and accurate responses
  • Gain greater insight to fleet maintenance

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