PRO-Time - Visitor Management Solutions

PRO-Time is a Visitor Management Software that helps you in professionalizing the manner in which you welcome your visitors. The Visitor Management Module helps you to welcome and manage your incoming and outgoing visitors' whether they are planned or not. This software is a complete Visitor Management service to improve the efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction of your businesses. Eliminates scribbling their name in a paper book.

Why PRO-Time- Visitor Management Solutions ???

  • Pass creation doesn?t takes time.
  • Photograph can be captured.
  • Same pass cannot be passed to other persons.
  • Pre-Approval before issuing a pass is possible automatically.
  • Prior appointment is possible.
  • Retrieving the pass details including photograph is possible.
  • Bar code integration for recording exit time will not be time consuming.

PRO-Time- Visitor Management Solution Features

  • Visitor pass with Visitor?s Details, Official Details & photograph.
  • Option to print the pass or even reprint the pass.
  • Checkout using Bar code etc.
  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Confirmation option for unscheduled / scheduled visitors through eVisitor SMS integration.
  • Online scheduled appointments list.
  • Centralized database management.
  • Multiple Entrance point (gate) support.
  • Returnable/ Non-Returnable Material gate passes can be issued.