Food Service - GPS Tracking

In the food service industry, there are often many different mobile distribution points that are constantly on the move. These companies often need a way to keep track of where these distribution points are located for efficient delivery of new supplies and to ensure the security of an investment. Our food service gps tracking software is an excellent solution.

Business Needs..


Whether it is a small mobile food cart or a large food service van, mobile food distribution assets are very valuable to a business. In order to keep these assets safe and to ensure their proper use, owners can take advantage of GPS technology to keep track of their valuable assets.


With the Opal Solutions GPS tracking platform, food service organizations can track their valuable mobile assets with a wide variety of integrated devices. Food distribution points of any size can be tracked using a variety of tracking devices. Vehicles can be monitored for location, speed and much more. Our food service GPS tracking solution is the industry’s best.