Two Wheeler - GPS Tracking

Indians are buying more bikes than any other country in the world, except China. Blame the sky-rocketing fuel price for this inclination on bikes over cars. Whatever be the reason, with so many bikes sold, the bike theft has gone to a high as well. If you have bought a bike with your hard-earned money, secure it today with two wheeler tracking system from Opal Solutions Bangalore India.

Bike tracking is different from car tracking in many ways. Car battery is more powerful and there is enough space in a car to install the systems. Bikes don’t have any space to conceal and fit these devices efficiently. That is why bike tracking system needs to be smaller and should consume less power.

Bike tracking devices from Opal Solutions are tested on Indian roads and not on simulated laboratories. That is why our bike tracking system is designed and programmed to work most wonderfully in Indian situations. We procure these devices from highly reputed manufacturers and these devices carry years of warranty. Each piece of hardware comes with meticulously designed bike tracking software which means you can get your data in a laptop or on a mobile phone. Yet, we manage to keep the price low enough to make it affordable for all.

When you have a bike tracking system installed, insurance premium for bikes, which is compulsory in India, goes down drastically. If your bike goes missing, you can tell the police where exactly it is and they can find it for you. Other basic features, like locating the bike in real time, determining the speed and direction of the moving bike, all can be very easy with Opal Solutions bike tracking devices. Our platform will show you the location on a real life road map so you have every data you need.

When our bike tracking devices is keeping your bike safe, you don’t need to keep one eye on it always. Sleep well at night and work hard at the office. Your bike is not vanishing with our always awake security.