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ePayroll-Payroll Management Solutions ₹8,000.00

ePayroll-Payroll Management Solutions
ePayroll app contain information on payroll transactions, including salary and wages, withholding amounts, deductions and other employee data. Reports allow management to check the accuracy and correctness of transactions on a regular basis. Most payroll systems provide flexibility and convenience in accessing and creating reports, making it easier for managers to get the data they need
Standard Reports
The Payroll department provides standard reports on a regular basis, such as every payroll run, monthly, quarterly and annually. These reports include the payroll register, salary/benefits cost, payroll audit, terminations, new hires, salary increases, payroll distribution and vacation/sick balances. Managers may automatically receive printed reports or obtain access to view these reports online. Standard reports provide up-to-date, current information to allow timely review of payroll transactions and prompt correction of payment errors.
Ad-hoc Reports
Managers can run Payroll reports on an ad-hoc basis or as required. Ad-hoc reports are already set up and available on the payroll system. Some of these reports include employee information, overtime, length of service, job history and employee actions. As payroll and human resources data are often integrated into one system, managers can also generate HR reports, such as employee awards, disciplinary action, performance reviews and training.


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